Obtaining Records

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Autopsy ​​​Reports:​​​​​​​​

Anyone may request a copy of the final autopsy report by contacting the District 21 Medical Examiner’s Office. You may submit a request for an autopsy report by: 

      • Phone: 239-533-6339
      • Fax: 239-277-5017 ​​
      • Email: me21@leegov.com 
      • ​​Office: Public Records Custodian District 21 ​​​​Medical Examiner's Office, 70 South Danley Drive, Fort Myers, FL 33907
      • U.S. Mail: 70 South Danley Drive, Fort Myers, FL 33907
      • ​Click here for a Request for Autopsy Report form.

Not all autopsy reports can be released under Florida Statute 119. Some reports may not be public records at the time of a request. Please provide as much information as possible when making a request for records. This will prevent delays in responding to your request.  

Please note that there is a fee for copies pursuant to Florida Statute 119. Please contact our office at 239-533-6339 for fee information. All confidential and exempt information will be redacted from copies of public records. If any request that requires extensive use of information technology resources or administrative staff, an additional charge will be assessed (special service fee). An estimate of all costs will be provided. All fees must be paid before records will be copied and provided. 

Death Certificat​es:

The District 21 Medical Examiner's Office does not issue death certificates. Funeral homes or cremation societies obtain copies of death certificates for the family. Requests for death certificates should be sent directly to the Florida Department of Health Bureau of Vital Statistics at http://www.floridahealth.gov/certificates/certificates/death/index.html, or the Office of Vital Statistics where the death occurred:


Lee County Health Department
Office of Vital Statistics
83 Pondella Rd
North Fort Myers, FL 339​03 
(239) 332 -9572

Hendry County Health Department
Office of Vital Statistics
P.O. Box 70
Labelle, FL  33975-0070

Glades County Health Department
Office of Vital Statistics
P.O. BOX 489
Moore Haven, FL 33471

Autopsy Photos:

Autopsy photographs are not public record and cannot be released by the District 21 Medical Examiner's Office without the signed consent of the legally authorized representative of the decedent or court order.