To report a death, call (239) 533-6339 24/7

​​Pursuant to Florida Statute 406.11 the following types of deaths be reported to the District Medical Examiner:

​Florida Statute 406.11 requires that deaths occurring​ under the following circumstances be reported:

(a) When a person dies in the state:

 1.  Of criminal violence.

 2.  By accident.

 3.  By suicide.

 4.  Suddenly, while in apparent good health.

 5.  Unattended b a practicing physician or other recognized practitioners.

 6.  In prison or penal institutions.

 7.  In police custody.

 8.  In any suspicious or unusual circumstances.

 9.  By criminal abortion.

10. By poison.

11. By disease, injury or toxic agent resulting from employment.

12. By disease constituting a threat to public health.

(b) When a body is brought into the state without proper medical certification.

If a death falls outside of these circumstances the Medical Examiner will decline jurisdiction.

Florida Statute 406.11(c) requires that the cause and manner of death in the Death Registration Form completed by the attending physician be reviewed and approved by the medical examiner's office prior to such disposition. If any of the circumstances outlined in Florida Statute 406.11(1)(a) and (b) are present, the medical examiner's office may assume jurisdiction of the case (more information on Cremation Authorizations page).

The district medical examiner must review Death Registration Forms when disposition of a body is cremation, dissection of dissected or buried at sea.